10 Best Resources for Web Professionals

Finding the right tool or resource for your everyday work as a web professional can be a daunting task due to the numerous marketplaces for developers that are full of resources. It would take time and effort that most of us don’t have to go through all of them and decide which ones are the best.
To that end, we decided we’d do some of the work for you and let you know about the best resources for web professionals we could find.

1. Muffin Group – BeTheme


Muffin Group really outdid themselves when they created BeTheme, an amazing multi-purpose WordPress theme dubbed ‘the biggest WordPress theme ever’. Created according to the latest responsive standards, BeTheme will function smoothly on all devices and it is also retina ready. BeTheme can be customize to your website’s needs easily. This flexible theme enables you to change colors, fonts, layouts, upload logos and favicons in a matter seconds. Whether you are running a website for a health magazine, moving company, marketing agency, a university or an IT company, you will find over 150 pre-made, ready to use layouts to download and install with one click. The theme comes with four 4 different grid layouts (1240px Boxed, 960px Boxed, 1240px Full Width, 960px Full Width) and 17 customizable header styles, that will permit you to go even furtherer with your website’s design. High speed and efficiency are other attributes of BeTheme; and with more than 200 shortcodes and items at your disposal, you will be able to carry out complex tasks easily and save a lot of time. If you want your website to have widespread reach, BeTheme is E-commerce ready and you can also count on the built-in translator to translate anything you want from a page. It’s easy to see why this theme is love by more than 30,000 users around the world. With outstanding support from experts and lifetime updates, BeTheme is more than worth the investment.

2. Jupiter


Recommended by pros and loved by over 20,000 users, the Jupiter websites builder has already made a name for itself in the web development community. This is why the team behind Jupiter has invested a lot of time and effort into making it better than ever before. Get ready for the new Jupiter V5 coming this November. This new release will truly be a game changer, it brings improvements and new features on every level. Looking at it from a strictly technical point of view, Jupiter has deep codebase refactoring, has undergone full restructuring and brings massive enhancements. From a functional standpoint, Jupiter V5 brings addons, even more header styles, a photo album gallery, timeline, Shape dividers, Shape icon boxes, new button styles, more Google Fonts, multiple markers in Google maps, blending effect added to page sections and hover styles and much, much more. Also, V5 is easier to integrate into social media than ever before with Twitter, Instagram and Quote Blog posts. In addition to all of this, if you’re running an online shop, Jupiter V5 brings a shop builder, new WooCommerce capabilities, a new pricing table builder and Ajax portfolio sorting. All in all, the new features of Jupiter V5 are guaranteed to help you take your website to the next level so keep an eye out for this game changing website builder coming this November. Visit this link and subscribe for early access opportunities.

3. Argento


Whether you are a newbie in the E-commerce world or have been running an online store for quite some time, it’s high time you found out about Argento template, the most powerful template ever created for Magento-powered websites. Argento was created according to the expert guidelines of Magento developers and in accordance with the best E-commerce store practices. Once you’ve purchased any Argento license, you are entitled to free theme installation services and one month of excellent support. You can then use Argento for as many stores as you need, with one specification: the number of Magento installations is limited to 5 under the standard license. Argento is fast (solely based on CSS sprite techniques) and built with the goal to improve SEO performance, hence it provides your online store with an improved HTML structure. Your clients will be able to enjoy their shopping sprees both on their laptops and mobile devices because your store will be powered by a theme that adapts to screen size and works just as well on iOS, Android and Blackberry. Equipped with more than fifteen of the most popular Magento extensions, this great template is fit to turn your E-commerce store in one of the best around.

4. Metronic – #1 Selling Ultimate Bootstrap Admin Theme


Often described as one of the most full featured themes on the market, Metronic was created by Keen Themes and has quickly reached more than 31,000 sales. This multipurpose Admin Theme based on the Twitter Bootstrap Framework will save you hours of work and provide you with hundreds of designs and layouts to choose from. Sounds too good to be true? Try out the live preview on the Keen Themes site to convince yourself of all the features. With buyers singing its praises, Metronic is bound to help you reduce QA issues by 50% while having an appealing and flexible design for your web application. Suitable both for large companies and small teams, Metronic will work with all browsers (including Internet Explorer) and will look flawless on all mobile devices. Equipped with seven unique layouts, over 80 built in plugins and more than 1500 UI components, Metronic is here to revolutionize your working flow and to improve your sales figure with a minimum effort from your side.

5. Icons8


When it comes to the overall appearance of a website, it’s the details that make a difference. Icons are key elements in finishing off a website’s design and they can really leave a lasting impression on your website’s visitors, which is why you should give them special attention. When you want to decide on which icons to purchase, you want to make sure that you’re getting both variety and good quality, and this is why you should opt for the Icons8.
They provide over 17,000 icons that you can customize in color, size and format. Icons8 App for Mac and Windows lets you make basic edits on icons, including exporting them to XCode, Photoshop, Visual Studio and so on. Of course, you can choose the suitable format for them, be it SVG, PNG, PDF or EPS, recolor them when in need, as well as choose between multiple styles of icons (Windows 10, Windows 8, iOS9, Android 4, Android 5 Lollipop or Flat Color icons).

6. FastWebHost


Investing in a reliable web hosting solution is the best thing you can do for your website. And if you need products that won’t cost an arm and a leg, we have the perfect suggestion for you. FastWebHost offers a wide variety of hosting products that combine affordability and reliability. Whether you’re in need of web hosting plans, reseller hosting, cloud VPS, domains or SSL certificates, FastWebHost has got you covered. A leading figure in the field, with more than 13 years of experience, FastWebHost can boast more than 200,000 domains, outstanding support and an out of this world infrastructure. They run cloud on app technology which is a superior platform from those provided by their competitors. A quick look at what web hosting solutions they are offering explains their impressive number of customers. Their most popular hosting plan only costs $3.99 per month and offers customers a free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, web space and domains. Signing up for the offer is easy and gives you access to even more features.

7. Firecheckout


The fastest way to improve your sales figure is by simplifying the check-out process. The Magento One Page Checkout, Firecheckout, will help you increase conversion rates and get more sales. An important step in online shopping, the check-out process used to be overly complicated. But Firecheckout has just boiled it down to its real essence. Getting rid of unnecessary fields and sections has never felt better. Your customers will be happy to see an intuitive one page checkout that is very easy to fill in. With a user friendly 2 column layout and 2 custom content blocks, none of your users will have any trouble placing an order. Firecheckout is faster than ever. Optimized for smartphones and tablets, your clients will enjoy a sleek design no matter what gadget they’re using. The Magento Ajax shopping cart allows users to see the products’ image and change the quantity in real time. Ready to see your sale figure spike? Try this one page checkout now.

8. actiPLANS


Have you been searching for a safe and easy solution for managing leaves and absences in your company? Whether you’re running a mid-sized business, a non-profit or a large enterprise, actiPLANS is what you need. This is a fantastic online tool that will streamline the entire leave management process thanks to great features such as leave request and approval management, work scheduling, PTO balance calculation and control, email notifications and integration with a timesheet. You will have a clear view of the leave schedule and be able to manage human resources better than ever before because you’ll know in advance who is going to show up for work and who won’t, while your employees will have access to a shared chart which will help them coordinate their leaves. If they want to submit a leave request, they’ll only have to click on a day to make their request or click and drag to select several days. Easy and simple! Once you have approved, rejected or deleted their request, your employees will be notified via email of the modifications you made. They’ll even have access to a personal leave history chart. You can now say goodbye to tedious paperwork and complicated spreadsheets thanks to actiPLANS. What’s more, there’s a mobile app coming this November on iOS and Android that will help users notify co-workers that they’re running late for work on-the-go.

9. actiTIME


If you still think that keeping track of the time worked on a project is tedious, you’ve obviously never tried actiTIME. This web based software for timesheet management is available both in cloud and on premise. It will keep tabs on your working progress and help you remember all your deadlines. That’s right, you can finally stop worrying you’ll forget to hand in your work on time. What is more, actiTIME will also keep track of your budget and send you a notification with cost alerts. actiTIME will spare you the hassle of manually updating spreadsheets with your working hours and will do all the work for you. The new mobile app for Android and iOS is easy to use whether you’re in the office or on a business lunch. actiTIME will also keep tabs on leave time, staff performance and overtime. Ready to make your business stronger? Don’t hesitate, get actiTIME for your business right now and watch your productivity sky-rocket.

10. BugMuncher


BugMuncher’s motto is “Feedback so good you’ll think a developer sent it” and it couldn’t be any more accurate. This fantastic tool will help you pinpoint bugs and eliminate them as quickly as possible, without any extra plugin necessary. Whether it’s a client or co-worker who needs help, BugMuncher will capture the important information that they might not know, such as the name and version of their browser and operating system, the browser plugins that they have installed, any JavaScript errors that occurred and even the path they took through your website. Annotated to this report you will find a screenshot of what your user sees, which means that you will have all the elements needed to solve the bug puzzle. The BugMuncher report can be sent either directly to your inbox or into any third party service (such as Trello, Zendesk, Jira, GitHub , Zapier etc). Because the BugMuncher feedback button contains no branding, it can be fully customized to match your website. You can now say goodbye to the hassle of having to detect bugs by sending emails and asking countless questions about what and how happened.