10 Tools To Initiate User-Friendly WordPress Website Development

WordPress has already evolved as the king among the content management systems that we have today. It covers almost 26% websites that are powered by WordPress. This covers nearly 59% of CMS market share. These stats cannot be ignored, which is another reason for the popularity of WordPress among the users and developers alike. User-friendly website development is another reason that has made this content management system a suitable one for millions.

In this write-up, we are going to talk about the website development tools that can be used for initiating user-friendly WordPress website development. However, there are a number of such tools, but we will be talking about the ones that are in trend today. These tools are used for different purposes and all of them help developers by making website development an effortless task for them.

WordPress tools

Following are the tools for user-friendly WordPress website development:

Ideal Debugging tools
1. Theme Check Plugin

As a great theme development tool, “Theme Check” plugin serves an easy way to test a theme. It ensures that the theme has been developed by keeping the latest WordPress standards and the practices in the mind. Tests are run through simple admin menu, which are also displayed at once. Theme check comes as a handy tool for the theme developers and also for the users who are looking for a great tool to test their themes for ensuring they match perfectly with WordPress standards.

2. Debug bar

Debug bar is a must for the developers as it is designed to debug a menu to WordPress admin that enables displaying cache, queries, error logs and other such information. Thus, serving as an ultimate web development tool. The tool is also utilized by the developers to track PHP warnings and notices so that they could easily be found. It also assists in tracking all the SQL queries that are later displayed on the main action bar at admin area.

Website designing tools
1. Uilang

Uilabg is a tool for web designers that enables them to create elements such as tabs, overlays, and galleries into your WordPress websites, which are interactive in nature. With Uilang, codes for website development can be written in simple HTML codes using a < code > element. Uilang has been categorized as a UI-focused programming language tool, which helps designers create typical user interfaces.

2. IconsFlow

Yet another fabulous tool for accomplishing web designing effortlessly. IconFlow is one among the most utilized web designing tools with its capability of helping designers create high-quality icons. Because of this very reason, IconsFlow is idealized by a number of web designers. Another fact that has offered popularity to this web designing tool is that it can be used without any of the photo editing software like Photoshop.

Tools that are used for productivity
1. Dropbox

This cloud-based storage productive tool has the capability to take your documents anywhere. The file synchronization system gives the access to the files either from your desktop computer or your mobile device. It enables the users to send videos quickly and keep photos safe as a backup in the phone or in computer devices. The best news about Dropbox is that it can be integrated to work with the tool.

2. Google Apps

Google apps are there to take your productivity to another level. There is a set of specific tools as well as applications that aid the users in sharing and developing important documents. More to this, Google video conferencing is all there to offer real-time project updates to the clients. There are a number of Google applications for work that make business email, data storing and doc sharing an effortless task.

Tools used for website development
1. InstantWP

As a WordPress theme, InstantWP has got some of the great features. This tool is a complete WordPress development environment. It carries the ability to turn any Windows machine into a WordPress development server. It easily runs on a single USB key. With this handy feature, users have the option to carry around WordPress testing and development work on a USB key.

2. IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA has been designed to focus on JavaScript and other Java environments. Thus, becoming a friendly tool for website developers. It includes a variety of development tools for those developers who work with PHP, HTML as well as CSS programming language. There is no plugin hustle included; thus making it even easier to work with for the developers.

Tools used for testing purposes
1. BugMuncher

BugMuncher has got some amazing features and one of them offers an ideal way to the customers to report bug problems with screenshots straight from any browser. There is no additional plugin required for it. Highlights and comments can also be added to the screenshots. The tool enables the users to get info on JavaScript errors, versions of the browsers, installed plugins, and other such technical information.

2. Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot has been designed to serve as the half monitor of your WordPress websites. Uptime Robot has been provided with 50 monitors to run five-minute interval check on the websites. Users get the notifications through mails and thus, the users get aware of the checks that have frequently been done on their websites to generate the results thereafter.

We have listed some of the most used tools that are utilized for WordPress website development. However, there is an array of such tools that are designed for specific requirements. Keeping the requirement to be fulfilled, users have the ease of choosing any of these tools for developing the websites. More to it, a professional look and feel of your website is promised along with these tools.

Author Bio: Williams Heilmann works at PSDtoWordPressExpert – PSD to WordPress Conversion Service Providing Company and has gained handy experience in searching the tools that could make website development an easy task for the developers. He keeps sharing reliable information with the readers through engaging posts.