14 Best Web Design and Development Tools 2016

Tired of searching, stop over. These are the best tools. We’ve made the research and we’ve tested many tools, WordPress themes and different services. These 14 are the top tools you can find. Try every single one so you can see it yourself.

1. Muffingroup.com

1. MuffinGroup - BeTheme

In need of creating a website with a specific theme, but you do not have the necessary skills to design one by yourself? Again, we present you another great theme library for WordPress, that is probably one of the biggest ones so far. That is BeTheme! It has an amazing collection of pre-defined themes, that you can choose from and start building your own website. There are a variety of domains, so it’s likely to find one suited to you (from electric and vegetarian to health magazine and art agency… anything you need!).
The features are unlimited, reason why we are mentioning just some of them: the themes are responsive and retina ready – you will love the way your website looks on mobile devices or tablets! -, you can use over 200 shortcodes to build pages easily and quickly, you will take advantage of the wonderful drag and drop page builder, guiding you from the start to the final parts, and, at least but not last, you can build custom layouts and assign them easily for different pages, as it provides you with a nearly unlimited choice of layout options.

2. Shrinktheweb.com

2. Shrinktheweb.com

Shrink The Web is a service which helps you take website screenshots that are useful when working with clients. Website admins are especially targeted by this software because the process is completely automated. Speed is not a problem, as it is a capable service with low waiting time. Everyone can use it for free, but in that case the sizes are restricted to a maximum 320 by 240 pixels. You can make a free account with a few amazing features: automated website previews and plugin integration. The paid accounts come, for only 10$ a month, with a feature at your choice of the following: conversion from URL to PDF, custom screenshots sizes, full length page previews (not only the content above-the-fold) and more. We recommend this service for its versatility and its low costs. Enjoy!

3. Flyzoo.co

3. Flyzoo.co

One amazing thing Flyzoo can offer you is a great in-browser chat experience with one-to-one and also Group Chats designed to be fluid and eye-catching. This means that users are able to browser your website and chat at the same time. You have different features given by this in-browser chat experience, suc as windows that can be minimized, resized and also conversations that will be synchronized across open tabs.
Using Flyzoo, you can benefit from different features, for example an Advanced User List that gives you the opportunity to show or hide available group chats, to make friends lists, to view recent private conversations, to assign icons to group chats, to enable or to disable private chats for guests, to show or to hide user’s location and their avatars and to link avatars to user’s profiles. All these are provided so you can have the nest communicating experience. You should not miss it out!

4. Iconfinder.com

4. Iconfinder

One of the largest, and definitely the best marketplace for free and paid icons, Iconfinder.com is the platform you should use if you are in need of an icon. With their custom icon design service, you are directly linked to the best designers, that have been handpicked by Iconfinder.com and you can choose who to create your next icon design. The prices for custom icon project are obtained directly from individual designers. From dozens of custom icon projects experience, one should expect between $70 and $130 per icon. The money are worth it, because you have a designer creatively expanding the details you handed them in your design brief. If the overall quality of the final piece doesn’t rise to the standards, you can always get your money back.

5. Simbla.com

5. Simbla

Simbla is a responsive website builder, adapted to any device, where you can create your own, unique website using their powerful platform. You can choose from many templates that are beautifully designed and you can customise them according to your vision. In addition, if you know a thing or two about coding, you can take advantage of Simbla’s advanced JavaScript and CSS editors.

6. Themify.me

6 Themify

Design any page you want on WordPress by using the amazing Builder from Themify! You can now bring life to your website using a simple drag and drop interface and choosing from more than 40 professional templates. You simply import a layout, replace the text and images, and you’re done! Moreover, you can constantly preview the design live with the intuitive Live Preview feature. Go get it, mates!

7. Optinmonster.com

7 Optinmonster.com

Many of your website’s visitors never return again, so how can you make them come back to your site? By using OptinMonster, the most powerful customer acquisition, which will grow your email list, so that visitors will still remember you. The drag and drop builder makes it easier to create Optin forms and then you can benefit from a lot of features, such as choosing between multiple form types, A/B split testing, page level targeting and others.

8. actiTIME.com

8 actiTIME

actiTIME is an intuitive and highly customizable time-tracking tool. You can configure it the way you like, which definitely makes it attractive both for small and large businesses. Apart from logging hours, actiTIME provides a number of billing and task management features. Managers can run multiple reports to analyze staff performance and identify cost centers. Other useful options include monitoring overtime, leave time and sick days. If you are looking for a smart timesheet, actiTIME will suit you perfectly!

9. Pidoco.com

9. Pidoco

Two words that define the prototyping tool Pidoco are interactivity and collaboration. You are able to create prototypes using clicks, touch gestures, device motion, keyboard entries and even location data to trigger highly configurable reactions in your prototypes. During the process, you can share prototypes, collect comments and edit screens with others in real-time. It’s very easy to use and it includes versioning, comment history and issue tracking to provide you all the tools you need!

10. Xfive.co

10 Xfive.co

With high-paying with higher requests clients like eBay, Microsoft and Twitter, Xfive proves its quality as a team of developers. They build everything from front-end interfaces with a pleasant user experience to make visitors’ life easier, to email development to make your life easier. Doesn’t matter how complex a project is, you can relax while they code.

11. Bowtie.io

11 Bowtie

When Bowtie.io says “Build better websites” they are not kidding. BowTie websites are simple maintenance-free sites loaded with features like Stripe payments, a customizable editor, and Zapier. Ditching your database driven website can lower security risks, increase users’ privacy, and improve the visitors’ experience with faster load times. Give it a shot.

12. H-Code Responsive & Multipurpose WordPress Theme

12 Themezaa - H-Code

For beautiful designed WordPress websites with many useful features, H-Code Theme is the best choice for you. It is easy to use and it comes with 57+ ready to use homepage templates for different businesses and more than 190 demo pages, that can be installed with only one click. It offers the latest web designs, as it is has lifetime updates to make sure their software keeps up with the good work.

13. 48hourslogo.com

13 48hourslogo

48hourslogo is a great platform where you can launch with ease logo design contests. It is a great place for both parts, the clients and the logo designers. Freelance designers can practice their design skills and built up their logo design portfolios and clients will receive awesome logos for less than 100 bucks.

14. Thesquid.ink

14 Thesquid

Would you like to enhance the design of your site by using beautiful, handcrafted icons? Squid Ink has 2000 pixel-perfect consistent icons that express many different things, such as clothes, music, devices, weather, photo & video and many more. All of them are vectorial, so you can make them any size you want and you can also change colors or layer styles or move every single element in no-time. So nice and easy, don’t you think so?

So which one will you start using ? We recommend you every single one, you won’t feel sorry.