15 Diverse Free Animals Icons

In the past, an icon was used to represent venerated beings like Saints, Angels, Gods and Goddesses. It could have been made in metal, stone or wood. Nowadays in the Digital Era, we still worship some beings and we cannot forget our friends, the animals. Here, we bring you fifteen collections of beautiful and versatile animal icons that you may modify or integrate to your project.

Flat Animals Icon Kit

This set comes with 12 vector colorful flat icons in Illustrator format, completely free to use and download via a dropbox link.

Animal Minimal

Animal Minimal is a set of 8 Icons in AI format highlighting classical animals, they were designed in France.

Birds Vol-2

Birds Vol-2 is here and comes with a pack of 6 icons in three formats ready to be used with Illustrator, on the web, and Photoshop. Use the background option to set 4 different colors.

Forest Animals

Forest Animals Pack is a set of 30 beautiful icons of defined lines and expressions. They are available in several formats, PSD and SVG among them.

Gold Animal Icons

Set of 6 light golden icons with defined lines that play a role to provide a fantastic expression.

Face The Animal

Face The Animal is a free set of 79 icons covering several different families of animals. Nice soft colors. Illustrator format.

Sketch Freebie Resource

A freebie with a sketch of 40 animal icons. Use the set of lines or the set of filled icons. The file is in Sketch format.

Animal Farm Illustrated Icon Set

A collection of 7 vectorized icons with different expressions in their faces inspired in cat videos.

40 Flat Animal Icons

A 40 collection of colorful flat icons available in different formats with high quality colors. Free for commercial use.

Flat Animal Attributes Icon Set

A freebie with a set of 24 colored and outlined icons with a flat style available in several different formats, PSD and AI among them. Every icon has an attribute representing for instance: loyalty, stability, courage and many others.

iPhone Icons

A collection of icons for Iphone that includes different families of animals and an extra family of mythical ones. The set includes many different shapes and sizes and the files are vectors in PSD format. A guideline for iOS included.

Animal Icon Vectors

Animal Icon Vectors is a collection of 19 icons with strong lines filled with soft beautiful colors.

Cute Animal Face Icons

A set of cute and colorful animals icons surrounded by a white background. The icons are vectors and they come in EPS format.

Wild Animals Silhouette

Set of 6 icons with a silhouette and inside of a circle featuring six different animals. File available in EPS format.

Colombian Wildlife Icons

Set of 6 icons that represent wildlife animals of pre-hispanic culture. They all are in defined lines. Files available in PNG and SVG format.