20+ Responsive HTML Templates in the Market

With rapid advancement in the web technologies, there has been a predilection of web users towards the use of competitive and standard tools to establishing a long-lived web presence. And, this advancement is just not limited to the development of new technologies instead it generates the need to proffer better and high quality web experience to the users. Millions of the web users are now accessing the internet via different mobile devices and thus non-responsive websites are getting outdated and unnoticed. A website with responsive layout offers seamless navigation throughout the session along with an accessibility to uniformly view site over multiple screen devices.

For those, who have newly set up their business on web or looking to expand the audience, there are pre-built responsive HTML templates specifically designed to cater the requisites of new businesses. There are hundreds of aesthetically designed templates available online offering higher degree of optimization and exclusivity. The process is easier for those versed with HTML and CSS coding, but what about those who know nothing about these markups. Here is a list of the best-known responsive HTML templates, of which, you can pick the one that best suits your business requisites.

Listed are the best responsive HTML templates:
1. Air Dev HTML templates

This unique HTML responsive template consists of various advanced functions that helps in generating artistic websites of various niches like photography, studio, business and non-commercial websites. Custom animations, parallax effects, colors, shortcuts, etc. are some other added functionality exhibited by this template. Meticulously crafted under expert supervision, Air Dev is known as one of the best-selling single page layout HTML responsive website templates used globally for cross-browser compatibility, fine structure and high-speed loading.

1. Air Dev

Download Now [button url=”http://templates.theemon.com/?theme=airdev-html&ref=theemon” target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”large” border=”true” icon=””]Preview[/button]

2. Transport HTML templates

It is a well-structured optimized HTML5 template bundled with myriad range of features for websites dealing in logistics, transportation and warehouse. For all those planning to own a logistic, warehouse, trucking, freight and transport business can simply use this responsive template endowing the latest functions beneficial for a business website. The template is designed with clean and validated markups hand-coded under expert supervision.

2. Transport HTML

Download Now [button url=”http://templates.theemon.com/?theme=transport-html&ref=theemon” target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”large” border=”true” icon=””]Preview[/button]

3. Industrial HTML templates

This is one of the popular HTML website template built to facilitate professional architects and engineers to commercialize and display their work. This is a feature-rich template packed with advanced functions that helps in creating visually appealing websites. It contains best-in-class shortcodes, SEO-functions, cross-browser compatibility, impressive layout and most crucial, a full-fledged responsive layout.

3. Industrial

Download Now [button url=”http://templates.theemon.com/?theme=industrial-html&ref=theemon” target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”large” border=”true” icon=””]Preview[/button]

4. Cloe HTML templates

Cloe is a designer HTML5 template specifically introduced to create artistically designed business websites. Are you looking for a template constituting latest and updated features that can smoothly run on myriad systems and mobile screens. Integrate this template into your website and get assured of enhancing its visibility amidst the audience within less span of time.

4. Cloe

Download Now [button url=”http://preview.themeforest.net/item/cloe-responsive-email-template-builder-access-/full_screen_preview/9882387?ref=theemon” target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”large” border=”true” icon=””]Preview[/button]

5. Charity HTML templates

A popular non-profit responsive HTML template best -known for its intuitive and remarkable functions. The charity template consists of 6 beautifully crafted store and shopping cart pages helpful in leveraging the visibility of website over web. For NGO and other charity-oriented non-profit websites, this is an ultimate web designing tool. Its key functions include responsive fluid layout, parallax effects, font awesome items, retina-ready images and much more.

5. Charity

Download Now [button url=”http://templates.theemon.com/?theme=charity-html&ref=theemon” target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”large” border=”true” icon=””]Preview[/button]

6. Business Plus HTML templates

A full-fledged website HTML5 template designed to adorn corporate websites in the best-possible manner. For all those, owning a corporate, personal, agency, small or even large scale businesses, must go for an ultimate template design that exhibits not only the credibility but also the brand of the business. This simple to use responsive template can be optimized as required by the developers. The look and features of this template provides a modern layout with well-placed components of designing.


Download Now [button url=”http://templates.theemon.com/?theme=business-plus-html&ref=theemon” target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”large” border=”true” icon=””]Preview[/button]

7. Let’s Drive HTML templates

Let’s Drive is a full-fledged artistic HTML5 template designed with clean and validated markups that can be uniformly viewed over multiple devices and screens. This pre-built handcrafted template is best for business sites dealing with automobile and car rental services. It comes with unique set of features offering myriad functions in one go.


Download Now [button url=”http://templates.theemon.com/?theme=letsdrive-html&ref=theemon” target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”large” border=”true” icon=””]Preview[/button]

8. Hathor HTML5 Template

This is another multipurpose HTML template built specifically to cater the diversified requisites of enterprise websites. If you own a corporate or non-commercial website, you can use this responsive theme to get your site viewed on multiple platforms. Built with advanced BootStrap 3.0 technology, provides ease of customization to the site authors with minimum complexities.


Download Now [button url=”http://theemon.com/h/hathor/LivePreview/index.html?ref=theemon” target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”large” border=”true” icon=””]Preview[/button]

9. Consult Plus HTML templates

Consult Plus is an ideal template for websites consultation services or businesses proffering consulting services. It is powered by the latest BootStrap version that keeps it engaging in long run with minimum bugs and errors. The layout of this impressive theme is specifically designed to cater the diversified needs of business sites dealing with consultation services.


Download Now [button url=”http://theemon.com/b/business-consultancy/LivePreview/?ref=vikashshingh” target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”large” border=”true” icon=””]Preview[/button]

10. Charity Plus HTML templates

Charity Plus is a popular HTML template known for its dynamic functions and features helpful for a website functioning as charitable trusts, non-profit organizations, foundations, etc. This responsive template offers varied designing options like Google Web fonts, Revolution Slider, Google Map API, etc. This template is written using validated codes that keep the template/themes running smoothly in long run.


Download Now [button url=”http://theemon.com/c/charityplus/LivePreview/?ref=vikasshingh” target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”large” border=”true” icon=””]Preview[/button]

11. Elizium HTML templates

This single page responsive HTML 5 template is powered by BootStrap 3, packed with the latest features for website dealing with corporate, studio, corporate, photography, etc. Elizium is a remarkable template well-crafted under expert supervision of adroit developers to adorn websites and applications. This retina-ready template is simple to use and can be easily integrated into the website to to enhance its visibility and functionality.


Download Now [button url=”http://theemon.com/e/elizium/LivePreview/?ref=vikashshingh” target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”large” border=”true” icon=””]Preview[/button]

12. B – Blog HTML templates

Contemporary HTML5 responsive template inspired by flat layouts and responsive designs so that the sites can be uniformly viewed over multiple screen devices. The SEO-friendly layout of this template works best for different kind of sites i.e corporate, studio, non-profit as well as personal websites. Moreover, the cross-browser compatibility of this template allows it to be functional uniformly over mobile and web platforms. As many as 12 header styles are available with this template that help you enhance its visibility.


Download Now [button url=”http://theemon.com/b/b-blog/LivePreview/?ref=vikashshingh” target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”large” border=”true” icon=””]Preview[/button]

13. B-Smart HTML templates

This multipurpose HTML5 Template is built with a blended combination of features like E-commerce, portfolio and blog/business. B-Smart is a responsive HTML5 template best known to be used by newbie developers and professionals. This template is bundled with myriad advanced features like navigations, shortcodes, flexibility, clean-coding,etc. If you own a website that deals with E-commerce, business, photography, etc. then it is best advised to use this bespoke template.


Download Now [button url=”http://templates.theemon.com/?theme=b-smart-html?ref=vikashshingh” target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”large” border=”true” icon=””]Preview[/button]

14. Mega Health HTML templates

This impeccable HTML template is best suited for medical websites built for hospitals, laboratories, Pharmaceuticals, heath centers, etc. Mega Health is powered with advanced BootStrap version that helps in adding advanced functions to the site with no hassles. The layout of this template is finely designed to meet the requisites of an advanced medical site. Visible layouts like doctor’s profile, picture gallery, client’s testimonials, location and other details are finely detailed in the layout. Mega Health template is known for its impressive page loading speed and performance.


Download Now [button url=”http://theemon.com/m/mega-health/LivePreview/?ref=vikashshinghe” target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”large” border=”true” icon=””]Preview[/button]

15. Chronicle HTML templates

Chronicle is a popular HTML template known for exhibiting the features that are crucial for a news and magazine website. Being powered on the latest BootStrap version, this customizable responsive template is coded with semantic markups that ensures the validity and reliability of website in long run. The mobile-first approach of this template helps it to be viewed over multiple devices and changing screens.


Download Now [button url=”http://templates.theemon.com/?theme=chronicle-html&ref=theemon” target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”large” border=”true” icon=””]Preview[/button]

16. Forever HTML templates

If you are planning to be a professional wedding planner and looking for a reliable template source for that, then your search ends here. Forever is one of the popular HTML 5 templates known to exquisitely showcase the know-how of a wedding and their special moments (if personalized). The template can be best used for event planning purposes, video photography, service providers, and so on. Also, the features like Angular JS, Font Awesome, Revolution Slider contributes to its rising popularity amongst wedding couples and business minds.


Download Now [button url=”http://templates.theemon.com/?theme=forever-html&ref=theemon” target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”large” border=”true” icon=””]Preview[/button]

17. Trasua HTML templates

Trasua is a well-designed HTML5 template used popularly by creative agencies and other corporate organizations to aesthetically display their items. This responsive theme is built with minimum usage of CSS that eases simplified customization. Being a site owner, you can specifically change the color of different sections of this template as per your requisites. Trasua has been semantically developed and tested on various software so that it can be easily integrated into the websites.


Download Now [button url=”http://templates.theemon.com/?theme=trasua-html&ref=theemon” target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”large” border=”true” icon=””]Preview[/button]

18. Look HTML templates

Look is exquisitely built with advanced tools and techniques clearly exhibited in its layout and displayed functions. Using this template, you can easily create your fashion store, portfolios, categories in the shopping website. Look is built keeping in mind the mobile-centric approach that helps the functionality and visibility of the site. Revolution slider, Google web font, shortcodes, semantic markups, BootStrap 3.0 are some of the matchless features of this responsive template.


Download Now [button url=”http://templates.theemon.com/?theme=look-html&ref=theemon” target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”large” border=”true” icon=””]Preview[/button]

19. Fit & Fab HTML templates

Fit & Fab is a responsive HTML 5 template built to leverage the visibility of websites dealing with sports and health. All the websites based on fitness centers, gym, clubs, sports club, activity houses, health centers, etc. This template is artistically designed to endow advanced functions like color palette, JS validated codes, high-speed, WooCommerce support, SEO-friendly, and much more. The minimum CSS coding done in this template helps in optimizing the layout easily, as per the requirement.


Download Now [button url=”http://templates.theemon.com/?theme=fit-fab-html&ref=theemon” target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”large” border=”true” icon=””]Preview[/button]

20. Attorney HTML templates

Attorney is a full-fledged HTML 5 template consisting of manifold advanced functionality like revolution slider, validated markups, fluid and boxed layout, Font awesome icons, parallax effects, retina-ready attributes, etc. This is a unique responsive template consisting of powerful features that helps websites in legal, private, attorney, counsels, lawyers, and barristers domain to get an indomitable presence over web. The layout of this responsive template is built, considering the modern architecture i.e high on visibility and functioning.


Download Now [button url=”http://templates.theemon.com/?theme=attorney-html&ref=theemon” target=”_blank” color=”orange” size=”large” border=”true” icon=””]Preview[/button]


A responsive HTML template endows all the latest functions needed to escalate the presence of a website. So, take your website to an advanced new level wherein it exhibits a matchless features and functionality that helps in improving the presence of your business site on the web. Pick any of the above-listed template and improve chances of enhancing its reach amongst the audience.

Author Bio: Jean Turner is an experienced HTML template designer associated with theem’on for last 5 years. She holds passion for developing a unique HTML templates for the varied requisites. Along with her technical competency, she loves writing blogs and informational articles on the topics related to her domain.