308 Free Goodies for Designers

A number of helpful products and resources have eased the task of designers considerably. Lets dig in and find out the most widely used utilities and a few graphic design vectors.

1. Vector Icons

Since the inception of graphical user interface, vector icons have played a major role regarding how a logo or an icon appears when viewing it on a spectrum of devices. Logos and icons are an important element for designers as it links human interaction with the hardware. As the daily device usage increased, so did the diversity among these devices. Hence the resolution of all of the devices are meant to mismatch. So to bring uniformity in the visual appeal of these icons in various devices, use of vector icons seemed to be the only plausible solution. Grab a set of 148 Free icons!

48 Social Media Icons

48 Social Media Icons

100 High resolution Vector Icons


2. Heraldry vector images

Heraldry graphic design vectors brings antiquity and elegance even to the most basic designs. As heraldry designs have a hint of history lingering, it makes it even more important and widely popular. The vector heraldry images can be used for simple logos or even a large backdrop without having to worry about any distortion or lack of clarity. Their color and shape can be customized at every possible coordinate and is devoid of any blur at any instance of magnification.

Heraldry vector images

3. Star icons

Star icons are often visible in webpages which caters to some sort of reviews or feedback. As the presence of the normal star icons is a cliche, it is really necessary to find some fashionable, innovative and never before used designs to enhance the appeal as well stay ahead of the curve. These star icons should be such that, it is easily visible to the users while it shouldn’t distract them from the general content of the site. Generally these icons are available in various formats and the designer should opt for the one that best suits the purpose.

Star icons

4. Thin line icons

Thin line icons are one of the trending designs these days. These icons are all about simplicity which also radiates sophistication. Since the advent of thin line icons in iOS 7, the use of these icons has boomed. They find acceptance in the user interface of websites, web applications, mobile apps, themes or operating systems to name a few. Their basic design constitutes of a decent uni-color or mosaic background with a symbol merely made out by a few lines. Savvy indeed!

Thin line icons

5. UI kits

As the name suggests, UI kits are a complete package for designers. They contain every possible elements, the likes of, buttons, user input areas, logos, fonts, players and icons. These UI kits provides the designers with an appropriate PSD, which can further modified or edited by changing their CSS properties. They have a responsive layout for the desktop as well as mobile version. These kits can also ape the designs of other well-known webpages and application like Instagram or the look and feel of iOS 7. These kits are extremely useful to design application or webpages with utmost ease.

UI kits