5 Secrets to Becoming Logo Designer Champ

Graphic design is a requested profession nowadays, and a good creative graphic designer can easily get a lot of job contracts. Luckily, you can successfully specialize your skill set so that you become proficient in one area of graphic design, and ensure many business transactions in the future.

You can be a book cover designer, comic book designer, album cover designer, and even logo designer. In the following article, we will focus on one area in particular, and that is logo design. We are going to go over some useful tips on how to excel in this design branch. If you want to be a successful logo designer, these tips will definitely come in handy.

Come up with something unique

When it comes to clients who are searching for a logo designer, uniqueness is one of the major qualities that they look for. With a unique logo, it is easier to establish brand identity and to stand out without any chance of being mixed up with an existing company.

So, to become unique, you need to do a lot of research on existing logos and create your own unique style so that it doesn’t look like a copy of an existing one. Also, you will need to follow certain rules, which you will also learn from following other examples.

A logo needs to be memorable, it needs to be simple, and as mentioned, it needs to have a unique personality, figuratively speaking.

Use different typography

To expand on the previous suggestion, you can achieve uniqueness by creating a unique typography. Many logos with the unique typography have managed to become quite memorable. Facebook, Pinterest, and most importantly Google, have all relied on a unique font to build their identity.

The font needs to be easy to read, yet also stand out from other commonly used fonts. This way, people who see it can easily identify it when it appears again. There can be no mix up with other logos, and it will grab their attention as something new during a social media campaign.

Typography is one of the most useful tools in the field of logo design, and you should start learning how other famous typographers approach this task and learn new design techniques that will definitely come in handy.

Understand the brand

When you are assigned a task of creating a logo for a new business, you need to do some investigation. After all, regardless of how abstract or unique, you want your project to be, the logo you design needs to resonate with the ideals that a certain business embodies. After all, everything needs to be designed according to that logo in the future, and it would be ideal if the logo corresponds to the company’s ideals.

Sure, in cases like Nike and Pepsi things worked out just fine, even if to someone who is observing the logo for the first time, there is absolutely no connection to both the brand name and the type of product.

But in the majority of cases, the logo symbolizes the name of the product, or brand name, or the nature of your work, or there is a direct connection between the logo and the product. In other words, abstract things can work, but understanding the being a bit more direct in your branding is a much safer bet.

Make sure you create something flexible

When designing a new logo, you need to allow a certain level of flexibility to the result. To elaborate, you need to come up with a simple, yet abrilliant design that can easily be modified in the future. The logo always stays the same in its core, but now and then some alterations are made.

Consumers need to see that the business is evolving and undergoing changes because it means something is happening and there is a certain motion to it.

Logos are altered in a way that they change their edges, transparency, shades, etc. If it works in many different slightly altered shapes and colors, then you have done a great job.

Colors play a major role

Finally, colors you use have an important role to play. There are certain things that we associate with colors and by choosing the right one you can increase the impact of a logo on the observer. You can look up the psychology of color and see how we associate different colors with different emotions. These things will help you decide which colors to use in your design and their brightness.

If you can follow these tips and come up with a design that uses a unique style, typography, the right colors, and can be changed in numerous different ways, yet still retain its essence, then you have done a good job. The client will be happy, and you will likely get future logo-related projects.