Day By Day Resources For Designers and Developers

The competition is among its highest levels in all domains and especially for web designers and developers. To overcome client expectations, deliver outstanding quality and beat deadlines, best professionals are having day to day resources that are powerfully helping them.

This showcase is about 4 such tools that you will find of great help. We start the mini-reviews with TailorBrands, one of the best logo design service in the world which is quick, professional and budget friendly. Next are the iGenApps and Kohezion, used to build phone apps and online databases without needing coding skills. This is the future and both tools are great for every web designer and developer.

Last, but not least, is Visme. Using it, you will create stunning online presentations and infographics that will help your website or business better convert.
Check below these 4 tools and share your thoughts with us.

1. Tailor Brands – Automated Logo Maker and Brand Builder

Whether you’re looking for a logo for yourself or a company you’re starting, Tailor Brands has you covered. The company gives you a fully automated logo maker and branding tools, letting you create unique designs in minutes. The logo maker itself uses a combination of AI and a vast asset library to create unique logos that match your preferences. And that’s just the beginning.

Once you’ve created a logo, Tailor Brands’ suite of tools helps you create powerful branding that can enhance your marketing campaigns. To start, the company gives you a full social media kit that includes a weekly planner for your posts on several platforms and even creates images and ready-to-upload media for every occasion. Even better, you can even use the company’s seasonal logos to create fun and unique holiday campaigns.

If you’re looking for more control over your designs, you can use Tailor Brands’ social post creator, which lets you make unique posts and ads in seconds. The company also offers a landing page, which lets your consumers easily find you online.

If you need business materials, you can use Tailor Brands’ business cards and decks, presentation templates, letterheads, and even print shirts, bags, and gear with your logo on them with EPS files ready to download.

Tailor Brands’ monthly subscriptions start at $2.99 for the basic and $10.99 for the full suite. With an extensive collection of templates and an easy-to-use dashboard, you can create amazing brands in minutes with Tailor Brand.

Free trial: No.
Pricing: $9,99/month

2. iGenApps – Build Your Phone App Without Any Coding Skills

What would you say if I told you that you can have your own mobile app in minutes and not any kind of app, but a professional one that will help you get in touch with your customers, fans, and followers directly from their mobile phones? Forget about spending huge budgets and looking for experienced developers. iGenApps is the number 1 app builder platform that does not require any coding skills and the cost if less than a fraction of what is used to cost to have a mobile app. It is super-simple to use, they have a patented wizard builder process that will guide you step-by-step to create your own fully customized mobile apps.

iGenApps was downloaded more than 2 million times and has over 1,5 million registered users that are creating apps every day.

iGenApps has a friendly-cost which anybody can afford. If needed, start a free trial with iGenApps and check how you can build yourself an app directly from your palm. They can help you submit your apps to Apple and Android store for a small cost. Build a professional app with iGenApps.

Free trial: Yes.
Pricing: Check their website for detailed pricing.

3. Kohezion – Online Database Software

Kohezion is one of the most advanced and secure online database software that will help you quickly build web applications without having coding skills or special knowledge. Forget about spending huge amounts of money and waiting weeks or even months.

It comes with a powerful app builder where you can easily drag-and-drop elements, implement online forms, calendars, custom workflows, calculations and much more.

The platform is super-simple to use, you can upload all your data from different sources in one simple step, fast and easy. Your spreadsheets become a web-based management system. You manage your data the way you want, when you want. You customize it to your own needs and preferences. The possibilities are endless. Only your imagination is the limit.

There are 3 pricing options:

Standard has a Free Forever plan and the premium package starts from $50/user/YEAR and if needed, they can even build your custom app for a reasonable price. The second section is the one dedicated to non-profit organizations and the last one is the Enterprise solutions. Sign up for the free plan upgrade when needed.

Free trial: Free forever plan available.
Pricing: $50/user/YEAR

4. Visme

One of the biggest challenges communicators of all types will face in the coming years is the lack of technical knowledge necessary to impact audiences through visual content.

Visme is addressing this need with its all-in-one visual content platform.

A marriage between the key features of a Presentation tool and graphic design software, Visme is easy to use for the amateur, yet powerful and scalable enough for those looking to go beyond limited visual content tools.

Besides hundreds of professionally designed templates and thousands of quality images and icons, Visme also offers users the ability to create their own custom layouts through ready-made content blocks. This way, you can either customize a template or create your own layout to meet your exact content needs.

Add interactivity in the form of video, audio, maps, surveys, quizzes, and polls. Embed your content on your site, share online with a URL or download as an image, PDF or HTML5 file. For those concerned about privacy, you can also make any project private or password protected.

Free for all to use, Visme also offers paid plans that start at $10, which include the ability to build your own branded templates and assets, upload your own fonts and access premium templates and features.

Free trial: Yes.
Pricing: Starting from $15/month or $10/month (billed annually)

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As you have seen, 3 solutions out of 4 are offering free trials or even free forever plans, so testing them to see how it can help you and your business is simple. Share your ideas and tell us how it helped you deliver great results.