How to Make Awesome Websites without Coding

When it comes to creating a website, designers play a key role, as they are responsible for its appearance. However, creativity is not all there is to it. The least appealing part of the whole process is to make sure that the design is compatible with popular CMS by breaking it down and then converting it into HTML code. In most cases, this means that developers come into the picture, and you can be sure that they’ll take up a large share of the assigned budget.

But you can change all that by working with a clever site making tool that takes care of the technical aspects, saves time and money, and offers an easy path to creative independence. Website-Builder is the perfect antidote to the dependency on coding and developers, and designers will find it exquisitely simple to work with in order to craft brilliant websites, free of charge.

The Free Builder

You won’t believe how effortless it is to make this service work to your advantage in just three simple steps. To jump-start the process, you can either choose a ready-made layout, or opt for a blank canvas. Seeing as settling on a template is the fastest way to go by far, I am going to use this example.

Website Builder

Website-Builder controls a hefty collection of gorgeous designs that vary in style and purpose. Therefore, once you’ve entered the templates page, you’ll see fabulous themes for mobile sites, as well as lovely models employed by artists, consultants, restaurants, and whatnot. Take some time to go through these categories, or just look at the most popular samples and base your choice on these beauties. When you’ve made up your mind, simply click on ‘Edit’ just below the thumbnail. It would be a good idea to register now for free, because you’ll need your Website-Builder identity to publish a website.

Website Builder Website

But first things, first! Once you’ve opted to edit a certain template, the third and final phase begins. In the online studio, users personalize the content of their elected theme, by manipulating various areas and adding pages, pictures, videos, widgets, text, etc. Technical assistance is instantly available, you just have to remember to use the ‘Support’ button on the left whenever need dictates it.

Create website without code

Finally, all that is left to do is optimize the site for search engines, and connect your Google Analytics ID to keep close watch on traffic. Then, hit ‘Publish’, confirm a domain, and your handsome website is now activated while Website-Builder hosts it without charging you a penny. Can you see what a piece of cake it is to launch a site, single-handedly, through this platform? Try it out for yourself, and I bet you won’t be sorry.