Key Elements to improve ROI with Email Marketing Techniques


Right from being one of the best communication mediums to provide some serious business leads, email marketing techniques have got the guts to drive in the sales. These techniques have also got the status of being the oldest communication medium that is still effective. Studies claim that for every $1 spent on email marketing practice helps in generating nearly $38 ROI. Hence, it is always a rewarding practice for marketers to get indulged in such practices.

Of course, email marketing is an outstanding sales medium from the marketers’ point of view but what about the clients who receive these mails? A prospect’s inbox encounters the arrival of hundreds of emails on a daily basis and thus, there are fair chances of some of the emails getting unnoticed. Thus, the question arises what extraordinary elements you are including in your email campaign to let it stand out from the crowd of thousands of other mails? In the case, you are practicing on the same in some ways or other, well congrats on that! And for those who are still thinking to add the elements; here are some points to start the venture with:

1. Let it be a personable experience for your readers


We would name it as the token of cordial gesture for your readers. Thus, you may add recipients’ first name (which is, of course, in the trend these days). Move a step further by adding their companies name or about the things that they are interested to hear (such as something they work for and related to their business). In addition to this, include A/B tested verified leads subject lines etc.

2. Providing valuable services to global audiences

In case you are providing really valuable services to the clients, they are sure to reach you through a sales call when they are ready for the same. It is a rewarding gesture to help your clients in sorting out their queries/complaints and believe me, you are going to survive in the long run. Thus, providing effective services to the clients also ensures the sustainability of your email marketing practices to the global clients.

3. Optimizing emails for mobile phones


We are living in an era where a smartphone matters the most even if it is about checking your emails or investing your time in online shopping. Thus, optimizing the emails for mobile phones is not only a suggestion to consider but also a requirement to fulfill. The fact that more than 50% of the emails are opened on mobile devices throws more light of the effectiveness of optimizing the emails for mobile phones. Your clients are obviously going to open the emails on mobile phones and delete the same if they do not render well.

4. Consistency while sending the emails

Consistency matters and it matters the most when you are indulged in the email marketing practices. There are a number of such software to help you around with but it is also suggested to keep an eye on the same so that you are well aware of the facts and the figure. While being consistent, let your campaign reach social sharing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as well to educate more and more prospects with the same.

5. Keep adding new techniques

It is an excellent approach to adding new flavor to your email marketing practices with the help of new tools and techniques. Thus, in case you wish to add a video to your email, use tools like GIF Brewery to accomplish the creation of your own GIFs. However, you need to be careful while using the technique as it may add to slowing down your website. Hence, choose the techniques that are worth using.

6. Proofread before sending


Emails do need editing to double-check everything right from the subject lines to the body and to the concluding para. While proofreading the content, it is suggested to keep a consistent tone throughout the email that reads out like a professional one. For the same, it is ideal to take help of sophisticated content marketing software that will help in arranging and keeping the message tone an engaging one rather than investing the time manually.


Practicing email marketing gets extremely easy when you keep all the above-mentioned points in the mind. It is more of an experience to please the clients for getting ultimate success and thus, you, as a service provider, need to arrange the things in a professional manner. Remember, if your clients are paying attention to your emails, the success is sure to come across your way.

Author bio: The author has hands-on experience in designing emails that do offer improved conversions. While working for EmailChopper, he has remained successful in generating sales leads for the company in addition to sharing the researched content with the clients.