Top PHP Frameworks You Must Not Miss

There is no doubt that today PHP is the widely-used programming language for crafting the websites of different kinds. Since the inception of this programming language, every year a new feature has been launched to extend the functionality of this coding platform. That’s why it has been a favorite platform to develop the apps and websites of different sizes.

Whether you want to build a small website or a complex one, PHP programming has made it a lot easier because its programming paradigm is highly simpler to understand. Moreover, there are multifarious functions and features compatible with this tool that enable the developer to go beyond the creativity and develop the high-end functional website.

Besides this, many frameworks have been introduced in the market that have made programming with PHP a lot easier. For a beginner, it is quite difficult to find out the best PHP framework; thus, this blog presents the list of the best frameworks for PHP that can minimize your efforts in coding.

Before exploring this list of top frameworks, you should be aware of some imperative factors so that you easily select the relevant framework.

Let’s have a glimpse below to know more about the top PHP frameworks:

1. Laravel

Laravel is the recently launched PHP framework that comes with superbly designed interface. Its amazing features have simplified the coding for applications of different sizes. This framework has simplified the way for the developers to craft the high-end applications. It is a kind of Rapid App Development platform that accelerates the process of designing the complex websites.
This platform supports easy-to-understand syntax that enables the programmers to keep the coding file organized. It also eases the way for the users to check the errors in the file. Moreover, the organized files are easy-to-maintain and customized according to future requirements.

2. Zend

Zend is a feature-rich PHP platform used by esteemed organizations, like CSSChopper and others for setting up the website. This framework offers a wide array of features that have made web development easier and faster. That’s why it is considered the best Rapid App Development (RAD) platform.
Zend allows the users to craft the applications of different sizes. Additionally, it comes with the advanced capability to enable the end-users to deliver innovation. It supports scalable back-end platform that is good for growing business.

3. YII

When it comes to developing the professional websites and applications, YII is the best platform that everyone should consider. YII is a ready-to-go framework that requires minimal time to set up. More importantly, it is faster and easier to use. This platform comes bestowed with various amazing features, like MVC control, secure architecture and many others.
All these features enable the users to build varied websites, like social media, forum, online store, and others. This framework features a wide array of high-end functions so that the users do not have to do a lot of coding.

4. Phalcon

One of superbly engineered PHP frameworks, Phalcon is the best platform for developing the high-end websites. It is a treasure trove of multifarious functions and features that allow the end-users to code faster and seamlessly. Moreover, its high-end interface allows the programmers to organize the coding files with the utmost ease.
Supports one-time loading for C-extension on the web server. This platform comes with MVC model that allows the users to maintain front-end and back-end seamlessly.

5. CakePHP

CakePHP is a kind of ready-to-go and RAD framework that comes with brilliant functionality. There are no complicated XML and YAML files; hence, it is easy to configure the database. There are various built-in tools, like Validation, SQL injection prevention, CSRF protection and many others to protect the website against the breaching.
Supports MVC model that not only simplifies the coding process but also makes it faster. There are various functions with CakePHP that empower the users to code less and make high-end website.

6. Symfony

Symfony is a high-end PHP platform for developing the complex websites. It comes with around 30 components that enable the developers to code websites easily and faster. This platform supports re-usable coding paradigm that shortens the programming efforts and saves time.
This PHP platform enables the users to integrate various functions from the third party that simplify the coding process.

Conclusion: Hopefully, this list of top PHP frameworks will help in finding the relevant platform for developing required websites and applications. If you witness anything missing in this list, then share that in the comment section given below.