Trending Elements of Modern Web Design for 2016

In today’s new web design scope, just having an optimized website is not going to do the needful. A number of factors have now approached into the web arena that make web designing outstanding among others. Right from the modern SEO techniques to the usability and conversion, every element counts today when we talk about trending elements of modern web design.

In this write-up, we are going to discuss some of the major designing aspects that are ruling the web this year. Web designing keeps on changing every now and then and thus, we are focusing majorly on the trending elements only. A number of websites will be showcased to offer you a better understanding of what these designs are all about. Here comes the detailed explanation.

1. Adriatic Luxury Hotels


The website has been designed having retina support images that make it aesthetically appealing for the visitors. It gives a pleasing browsing experience to the visitors.
The designs have been chosen to suit the text and additional images on the website. Fullscreen responsive designs have been added additionally.

2. CSSChopper


The white spacing technique is showcased perfectly by the CSSChopper’s professional website. The space between images, fonts, columns, text and other elements is done perfectly, which sums up as an engaging aesthetics of the website.
White spacing is one of the trending web elements making its worth count among other patterns. White space is associated with elegance and sophistication, thus making the complete page much more organized.

3. No-refresh


No-refresh again presents a perfect example of white spacing through its website. The elegance of a website with white spacing increases and makes the text appear more prominent. It has additionally a great combination of text and images to define No-refresh’s area of expertise.
The description of the services with bold colors adds more to the perfection of the website elegantly.

4. AppsChopper


Unique and larger topography, which is one of the most important elements of modern web designing, makes AppsChopper’s website more prominent among others. With the bold typography, it becomes much easier for brands to express themselves.
Typography sticks on the usage of one design throughout the website. Thus, it takes the readers across the website with a single design that acts as a pleasing experience for them.

5. Sparx IT Solutions


The website of Sparx IT Solutions describes well the usage of hero image. This specific type of web banner features a soothing color combination, thus making the image retina-friendly. The company is attracting the attention of worldwide users with its professionalism of providing web design and development services at competitive rates. The static and dynamic elements have been showcased perfectly.

6. BetterGraph


Circle, dials and knobs have made a comeback this year as the prominent web designing aspects. BetterGraph showcases this trend in the most professional way ever. With this designing in the trend, more and more circles are being used over websites as a fun way to indulge the users.
The appealing part about these designs is that they can be developed to look like something that users are supposed to click on. This design also embraces developers while choosing mobile app designs.

7. theem`on


theem’on embraces the web designing element of “limiting color use”. As one of the most referred web designing elements of 2016, websites are now designed with least colors in the practice.
Using too many colors becomes visually distracting for your visitors who come to visit your website. Thus stick to 2 or maximum 3 different colors when designing the websites; it will offer a pleasing experience to the visitors.

8. PSDToWordPressExpert


PSDToWordPressExpert showcases perfectly the magic of responsive designing over the website. Bold colors and attractive designs additionally fill the aesthetics to make it very much appealing for the visitors.
The images, text, and designing find a perfect place with the responsive web designing that is showcased on the website and offered to the clients through its services.

9. InkyROBO


Bold typography across the website with an attractive footer content, in the end, fills the website of InkyROBO attractively. Attractive text showcased in bold heading makes it easily noticeable for the visitors.
Limited colors use scheme is also one of the elements that has been used perfectly by this website in the most professional way.

Summary: This is all on the current web designing trends in the practice for 2016. In addition to all these designs that have been showcased here, card design, hamburger menu, and semi-flat designs are also becoming more and more popular among the web designers.

Author Bio: With great years of experience as a writer,Tom Hardy works continually to share his ideas and posts on Webgranth. He keeps on researching various topics and sharing the information through engaging posts. Follow him on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter .